Obama Gets Gangsta: Folks Wanna Pop Off

Obama Folks Wanna Pop Off

“Folks Wanna Pop Off” is being called the ‘blackest’ thing that has happened this week.

President Obama used the phrase in regards to various peoples ideas on how to respond to the attacks on Paris and the growing threat from ISIS. Now thanks to Obama “pop off” may be the hottest slang of the year.

Obama’s time as President is coming to end, and I think he’s just getting real with people.

But, not everyone agrees. McCain had this to say in regards to Obama’s words:

“This is the kind of thing that’s so disappointing about a president of the United States,” McCain said. “He has to resort to this kind of rhetoric. But second of all, he is basically saying that he has a strategy that’s working. No one accepts that.”

Well I think McCain might be trying to pop off if you ask me.

While certain politicians may not agree with Obama’s rhetoric, many people are loving it.




Check out this hot remix to Obama’s words: I bet “folks wanna pop off” is a better single than Ben Carson.


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