Future Bashes Baby Mama, Ciara, Over Custody Issues


We are barely a week into the New Year and we’ve got yet another celebrity controversy to deal with.

Future, who has not really had a smooth relationship with Ciara since they broke up, took to his twitter handle to suggest that she’s restricting the level of access he is expected to have with his baby, Future. Future (the Dad) pays 15,000 dollars a month in child support.

See his tweets below

He might even reveal more can of worms as his last tweet seem to suggest that he has more things up his sleeves

Future has in the past talked about Ciara’s “tendency” to control their relationship (which is one of the reasons why they reportedly broke up) and he is toeing the same line, with his latest outburst.

He also raised alarm on twitter, when photos surfaced online, which showed Ciara’s new boo, Russell Wilson, performing daddy duties, with Baby Future.
So while his accusation is totally one sided, there is one question that often pops up to me when baby mama issues like this arise. Are there no legal custody arrangements laid down for both parents to deal with issues like this?

Because if issues are like this are sorted out, then we might just have less baby mama drama flying around on a daily basis.

While I’m not going to try to take sides here, I think I understand when mothers are protective of their babies especially when they are no longer with their baby daddies.

But regardless of what happens, I think Future should be given more time to spend with their baby, if the custody arrangement allows for that.

I’m still wondering why most celebrities can’t just address issues like this without bringing it on social media? But on the other hand, if they do that, we’ll have less things to talk about though, so it’s not entirely bad.

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