Ghanian Movie Makers Criticize Ghana Movie Awards Over Nominees List


It seems the credibility of the Ghana Movie Awards is still being called into question as more Ghanian film makers have expressed their displeasure over the award’s controversial nominee’s list. Given the fact that the Hollywood movie, Beast of No Nation got 15 nominations.

Yvonne Nelson first brought the issue to light when she said in an interview that the movie didn’t deserve a nomination as it is not even a Ghanian movie. She said, “It’s not fair to all of us if they submit that movie because it is not a Ghanaian production. The fact that it was shot in Ghana doesn’t make it a Ghanaian production. So I won’t agree to that. If we are trying to promote our own, why will we go for a foreign production? You cannot compare a Hollywood production to a Ghanaian movie. The budgets are totally different.”


She has now been joined by other Ghanian movie makers, like Eddie Nartey and Prince David Osei, who have taken to their social media pages to express their displeasure over the award arrangements and its nominations for the movie, Beast of No Nation.

All the stars including Eddie Nartey and Prince David Osei agree that while its a great movie and it was indeed shot in Ghana. It is not a “Ghanaian movie.”

See their posts on instagram below.




All this controversies will only affect the movie award’s credibility (i think the damage has been done already though) and while we’ve not gotten any reaction yet from the award local organizing committee. I think it will be a lot better if the movie, Beast of No Nation, is redrawn and a statement is given to address the issues raised by its practitioners in Ghana.

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