Glamour Woman Of The Year: Caitlyn Jenner, Misty Copeland, and others

Glamour Woman Of The year CJ

Glamour has released eight names to be titled “Glamour Woman of the Year.” The list preview includes Reese Witherspoon, the U.S. National Soccer Team, Misty Copeland, and Caitlyn Jenner.


Glamour Woman Of The Year Reese Witherspoon

Glamour Woman of the year reese 1

Reese Witherspoon has been redefining the roles of women in film since Legally Blonde. 

Although a fun girl-comedy at it’s heart, Legally Blonde puts career, intelligence, and friendship above a man. Elle does get her love in the end, but only after finding and staying true to herself.

Glamour Woman of The Year Reese

Witherspoon produced the critical acclaimed, Gone Girl, starring Rosamund Pike and Ben Affleck last year.

She also has been involved in movies with a lot more heart like The Good Lie which tells the tragic stories of  Sudanese refugees and Wild about one woman’s journey of self-discovery.

Glamour Woman Of The Year Women’s National Soccer Team

Glamour Woman Of The Year

The Women’s soccer team made history after taking the World Cup this summer aided by Carli Lloyd’s amazing hat trick.

The women’s national team has been trending in sports since their epic Olympic match vs. France in Beijing.

Glamour Woman Of The Year WSNT

Lloyd, along Abby Wamback, Hope Solo, and Alex Morgan anchor the team and helped lead them to victory.

There probably isn’t a more deserving bunch to receive such an award.

Glamour Woman Of The Year Misty Copeland

Glamour Woman Of The Year

Misty Copeland is hands down amazing. She is a ballet prodigy and the only and first African-American principal (main/star) ballerina at the American Ballet Theatre.

Glamour Woman Of The Year MC


Copeland said, “”I’m not creating a fad. I don’t want people to pay attention to dance just because they read about this black ballerina. What I want is for people to realize how beautiful classical ballet is, how incredible it can be for a child.” She went on to say, “Art changes lives—I am proof of that.”


Glamour Woman Of The Year Caitlyn Jenner

Glamour Woman Of The year CJ

Last, Caitlyn Jenner...  I’m sorry I just can’t get behind that. It is glamour magazine, so I’m not so deranged to think they would be picking political heroes or civil rights activists.

But, I thought they would pick people who had contributed something no matter how small to the entertainment world.

Glamour Woman of The Year Jenner

The only thing Caitlyn Jenner has done is create a media frenzy. She is not an advocate for transgender rights or woman’s right. She has not used her media platform to make a difference or do anything. Simply put, she has become famous, relished in it, and received a reality TV show.

This is not deserving of an award, rather we as a people should ask ourselves why are even watching this? 


Do you agree with the Glamour Woman Of The Year picks? Share your thoughts in the comments.

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