Grammy Snubs And Surprises

Drake Hotline Bling Music Video Grammy Snubs and Surprises

The Grammy Awards recently announced their nominees for the 2016 event. Kendrick Lamar, The Weeknd, and Taylor Swift lead all with 11, 7, and 7 noms respectively. We’ve got the full list of nominees here, so you can make your predictions. Every year there are always a few Grammy snubs and surprises. People who should have gotten the nom, and other’s who we have no idea how they made the list.

Grammy Snubs

Maybe the biggest of grammy snubs of them all is that “Hotline Bling” got absolutely no love. The song achieved viral legend status because of its dance moves, parodies, and Drake being Drake. I love me some T. Swift, but “Bad Blood” “Blank Space” and even the catchy “Shake It Off” did not reach the status of “Hotline Bling.” I guess for Drake this can only mean one thing…

The second of the grammy snubs comes in the form of a total diss to both “Uptown Funk” and “7/11” for best music video. Even Taylor Swift knows that Beyonce has the best music video of all time. “Uptown Funk” was a perfect hit for Bruno Mars finally capitalizing on his old school and soulful R &B voice with a new school feel and flavor. The video itself is fun and makes you want to dance.

Grammy Surprises

Some major Grammy surprises are that Lady Gaga made the cut for “Til it Happens to You.” Maybe Gaga was one of those I’ll get famous then do whatever I want-types, but I haven’t heard a song from her on the radio since like “Applause” two years ago, and I didn’t even like that song. I applaud Gaga for forging her own path in music, but if that path isn’t good or interesting she shouldn’t be rewarding just because she did it. That being said, the song (which I have not heard) was written for a campus rape documentary which is a good cause I can’t argue about.

The second of the Grammy surprises is Girl Crush getting multiple noms both for “Little Big Town” (song of the year) and their album Pain Killer. Also, the group is being nominated for best country duo/group performance. At this point you are asking who is Girl Crush, and that is my point exactly. The best music doesn’t always equal popular music (Because most stuff on the radio does suck), but I think someone other than your moms needs to have listened to your album. I have heard their song “Little Big Town,” but I had no idea who they were. Maybe they just need to hire a new PR person…

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