Halle Berry Finally Speaks On Lack Of Diversity At Oscars…Movies Are Not True To Black People


Halle Berry, has finally broken her silence on the lack of diversity in Hollywood, stating that diversity is not the issue. But rather, the fact that movies being made are not truthful about blacks

Halle Berry, who won an Oscars 15 years ago for her role in Monster’s Ball, revealed to the audience at an AOL’s Makers Conference in Rancho Palos Makers Conference in California that movies today do not accurately portray the role of people of colour in the world. She said;

“Our cities are filled with black and brown people, and many times, unfortunately, we see films that are set in Chicago, New York, Atlanta, big metropolitan cities, and they’re devoid of people of color.”

When we really live up to our responsibility and challenge ourselves to be truthful, and tell the truth in our storytelling, then people of color will be there in a real competitive way, and it won’t be about inclusion or diversity because, if we’re telling the truth, inclusion and diversity will be a byproduct of the truth.”

I can’t help but agree with her because people of colour are often placed in stereotypical roles that don’t reflect the true nature of things in the World. And unfortunately, I don’t think this would change anytime soon.

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