Harriet Tubman to Replace Face of American President on $20 Bill


History is about to be made as humanitarian and abolitionist Harriet Tubman will be placed on the $20 bill.

According to reports, Harriet Tubman will be replacing the seventh President of America, Andrew Jackson. Harriet Tubman has a special place in black history for her work with the Underground Railroad that helped former slaves escape captivity.

Last year, U.S. treasury secretary Jack Lew revealed plans to replace the country’s first-ever treasury secretary, Alexander Hamilton’s face with a woman’s on the $10 bill. However, his decision received a major  backlash from Americans who were against the change. Now the treasury department has confirmed that Tubman will replace Jackson on the front of the dollar $20 bill, although Jackson may likely remain on the back of the bill. In the new designs for the bills that will be circulated in 2020.

Without a doubt, Harriet Tubman, is a perfect fit for this honour due to her incredible role in ending slavery and promoting women’s suffrage.

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