Heisman Trophy Winner suspended for half-a-game for yelling ‘F*** her right in the p****’


Watch your mouth Jameis!

Florida State quarter-back Jameis Winston, last season’s Heisman Trophy winner,  will miss the first half of the Seminoles’ match against Clemson on Saturday as punishment for shouting a foul phrase near FSU’s student union on Tuesday.

 Winston yelled, “F*** her right in the p****” on top of a table in the middle of campus.

The phrase was originally a fake video that quickly became an online meme, going viral with many social media users editing the video to incorporate well known sport stars.

Things got even worse in UK on transfer deadline day, when Sky Sports’ coverage outside stadiums when rowdy and ignorant fans tried to ruin the coverage by yelling the same phrase as well as throwing sex toys at the reporters live on TV.

Although Winston later apologized in a later statement, he will still be benching it for the first half of the upcoming game.

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