How To Drive A Manual Transmission Car Review


No matter how hard one tries, no matter how much expertise is involved, there is a Grand Canyon of distance between explaining how to drive a manual transmission car and getting in the vehicle and having someone physically drive the car for the first time.

The concepts involved, of course, are not that complicated. There’s the clutch, the brake, the accelerator and the hand stick shift – only four instruments to control of which one to two of them are used simultaneously at any given time. And that’s about where the easy part stops.


Translating this theory to practice is where most people starting out end up grinding the clutch, killing the ignition and lurching the car.
The above said, MojoGrip does try to provide a detailed explanation of using the manual transmission anyways. The narrator goes through step by step what each instrument does in the car before driving, which is a great reference in video because a person can rewind and watch/listen again if they missed it the first time.


The same process goes for explaining how the stick shift handle works, including the position of the different gear spots. Little nuances like putting the car in first gear when parking it or putting it back in neutral to start rolling are key points, often missed during instruction on the fly because the trainer is focusing on what the person is doing with their feet and the driver is trying not to hit anything while moving.


The big challenge is in explaining the transition from the letting off the clutch pedal once the car is in gear and giving it gas to engage and move forward. Too little, the car dies. Too much, the car lurches forward.

MojoGrips adds in easy-to-remember formulas such as, “Clutch down first, switch, then accelerate,” but the driver is still going to have get the feel of these steps before accomplishing them in real time.


The video does show how the car actually works, or won’t work, depending how the clutch is engaged, which is a good display. Again, however and as the video mentions from the beginning, it should not be used as the only training tool before driving a manual transmission on public roads. Because of the interaction with both feet between the clutch pedal and the accelerator pedal every beginner should practice and get comfortable with the first two gears in an empty parking lot or driving course first.

While the MojoGrip video does a good job explaining the basic concepts of manual transmission driving, experience is the number one factor in successful manual stick driving, bar none.




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