I Am Depressed – Yvonne Nelson

Yvonne Nelson

Ghanaian actress, Yvonne Nelson, who turned 30 recently, is not a very happy woman as she revealed that in a recent interview that she feels depressed.


Yvonne Nelson in a chat with Ghana’s Live FM OAPs explained that while it’s a remarkable achievement for anyone to turn 30. The fact that she has attained that age is making her depressed. Which is a feeling she thinks every woman passes through when they hit the big 3 and 0. In her own words;


I’m blessed to be 30 years but I feel depressed. I actually called my mom and said oh my God I am 30 years. As a woman, it was depressing for me,”

Well, it’s highly likely that her depression is connected to her relationship status. Because there is an extra pressure on African women to get married regardless of their social status, before they attain the age of 30.

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I hope she snaps out of it because she’s an amazing actress and a great business woman. Who shouldn’t let age (it’s just a number to me) get her down.

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