I Do Things For The Attention – Dayo Amusa

dayo amusa

I know I tend to use the word controversial a whole lot when describing celebrities, but if there was one person that this word fits it is Nollywoood actress and producer, Dayo Amusa.

The Nigerian actress has been known to go head on with fans (and trolls) on social media, who constantly criticize her for one reason or the other. In an interview with Nigeian newspaper, Punch, she finally admits that she acts the way she wants. Regardless of what anyone thinks, because it’s her life and everyone is entitled to their opinion.

“I know I get negative comments from people on social media but the truth is that I cannot stop them from airing their opinions. They have every right to their opinion and I don’t care about what they think about me. Anybody that knows me know that I don’t copy what others do. I don’t compete and I do my things the way I deem fit,” she said.

Dayo Amusa further noted (and admitted) that the allegations of her toning her skin is nobody’s business as far as it brings her the “needed” attention, then she is comfortable with it.

“When people say that I bleach my skin, all I say to them is that it is my life. I cannot crucify people over their opinion. As far as I can wake up in the morning, do what I want to do and get the attention of people from it, I am very okay,”

I think most celebrities are beginning to take the whole “all publicity is good publicity” thing too far. when you become popular for the wrong reason, it will over shadow your brand in the long run. Because while Dayo Amusa is not bad when it comes to acting. She’s more popular as the lady who sang the awful “Hello” cover and toned her skin because she wasn’t comfortable in her own skin.

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