I Don’t Care About The Oscars – Samuel L. Jackson

Samuel L. Jackson

There are a few things I can’t wrap around my head and the fact that one of the best black actors alive, Samuel L. Jackson, has not won an Oscar is one of them.

The Django Unchained star, Samuel L. Jackson, has revealed in an interview with British GQ magazine that he was disappointed to have missed out on the Academy Award. He was nominated for the movie, Pulp Fiction in ’95. But, now  he insists he is not bothered.

 “Some people only do movies that are meaningful and that are going to come out during Academy Awards season, but I’m not that person. I’ve done enough work now not to worry about getting an Academy Award. … “
“‎When I got nominated for ‘Pulp Fiction’ I kept going to all of these f**king award shows and I wasn’t winning and it’s kind of like, ‘Goddamn, what is going on?’ By the time we got to the Academy Awards I thought to myself, ‘Maybe they’ll get it f**king right this time’.”
“When they didn’t call my name I just went, ‘S**t!’ and everybody in TV-land read that on my lips and they said that I was the first and only person to have an honest reaction to not f**king winning.’… “

Black Actors/Actresses Who Should Have Won Awards

I don’t want to get into the whole racial issues here, but  it’s hard to put together the fact that an actor like Kevin Spacey (no disrespect intended) has won an Oscar.  But at the same time, the Academy has not deemed it fit to award Samuel L. Jackson for his outstanding efforts on screen?

‎On the other hand, Samuel L. Jackson, who is now 66 years old explained that he would never employ the same tactic some Oscar winners do to promote their own films in an attempt to win the prestigious award.

“These actors would like you to believe that it’s truly based on the merit of what they’ve done in the film, and occasionally it is, but most of all it’s the result of a lot of hard work by a lot of people‎, who go everywhere to promote it….”
You go to the actor’s home and you make sure there are copies of the film that you’re in and you have a discussion with them, watch it with them, have a talk about it or go to the post-screening discussions. I ain’t doing that.”

‎I grew up watching Samuel L. Jackson and got hooked when I saw his movie, The Negotiator  (it was actually the first movie I saw on VCD back then). For me, he has nailed every role I’ve seen him play on screen.

So while he may not been bothered by this, it’s high time the Oscars give this man what he deserves because he has paid his dues.


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