I May Not Marry A Nigerian Woman – Wale Ojo

Wale Ojo Wura

British based Nigerian actor, Wale Ojo, has revealed that he might not marry a Nigerian woman when he decides to quit the single life.

The critical acclaimed actor disclosed this while speaking to entertainment magazine, E24-7. He suggested that ladies tend to get carried away by the fame and money rather than a man’s personalities (thought fame and money was part of a man’s personality though. Right?).

Wale Ojo, who is a very “eligible” bachelor, made it known that his marital status will be determined by the will of God.

“It will be, but it’s as God decides. If it doesn’t happen that way, there’s nothing I can do about it. With the way things are going, I may end up not marrying a Nigerian woman.”

The actor explained why he is not considering having a Nigerian lady as wife, suggesting that his busy schedule and career path, might lead him to someone from another country.

Recently, I shot a movie in Senegal and I fell in love with Senegal. It’s a beautiful country with lovely people. It’s a place I would love to go back to. So in my career, you meet different people and they will spin your life the other way. But yes, I would love to marry a Nigerian; it just hasn’t happened yet.”

Wale Ojo is regarded as one of the top actors in Africa and is a part of the new wave of box office actors that are changing the face of the movie industry in Africa.

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