Ice Cube Slams Khloe Over Her Revelation That She Would B**g His Son

ice cube

Ice Cube has responded to Khloe Kardashian’s statement during a episode of her show of ‘Kocktails With Khloe.’ During a game on her show, the reality TV star that she would bang O’Shea Jackson Jr., and even though she made the declaration during a fun moment. Ice Cube took it pretty seriously.

“Khloé better run … [she] better run,” the rapper and actor said during his interview yesterday with BET, adding. “They can’t handle that boy. They cannot handle him. Don’t worry about it. Tell ’em, they can’t handle O’Shea, that boy’s a beast.”

Ice Cube made the statement during a press run to promote the latest instalment of his movie, Barbershop and Cedric the Entertainer also took a chance to throw a shade at the reality star.

“She kinda grown for O’Shea, isn’t she?” Cedric said of Khloe, before going ahead to mock her by comparing her to a movie character. Watch the clip below

Get with the program Khloe, O’Shea is too hot for ya





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