Idris Elba Shuts Down James Bond Rumours


Idris Elba, as James Bond will probably never happen because the actor has shut down rumours. That he is in talks to take up the role of the British spy.

The speculation started as a fallout of the Sony Hack which leaked the emails of Sony Executive Amy Pascal. In one of them, Ms Pascal wrote, “Idris should be the new Bond.” This was followed by the assertion by James Bond author, Anthony Horowitz that Idris Elba was “too street” to play James Bond. Which led to serious backlash before the author apologized.

In a new interview with the DailyMail the Idris Elba revealed he in talks to take up the role even though he is flattered that people think he will make a great Bond.

It’s all rumour-ville, I’m not speaking to the James Bond people, and they’re not speaking to me.”

If human beings want to know if there’s any connectivity between all of us, the one thing I’ve heard around the world universally is, “You’ll be great as James Bond”,’ he said, adding, ‘So if it was to happen, there you go – the will of the nation.”

I hope the will of the people takes precedence here because Idris Elba will make a great 007 agent.

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