Idris Elba – The perfect James Bond

james idris
Anthony Horowitz just pulled off a perfect #iwasinmyhouseandtrailercametojamme with his recent interview where he stated that British actor of African descent is “too street” to play the legendary role of James Bond in the 007 franchise.

Idris Elba too street? Geez is the world coming to an end? Idris Elba is arguably one of the classiest male celebrity in the world today (black or white) and ever since he burst into the limelight when he starred in the series “the wire” in which he played the role of a drug lord and business man Russel “stringer” Bell and Luther. He has gone on to feature in blockbuster like Marvel’s Thor, Takers, Mandela: the long walk to freedom, beast of no nation and the critically acclaimed sometimes in April to mention but a few.

Idris Elba who is also a DJ ( with the stage name DJ DRIIS) and music artiste has the charisma, persona, grit, style and all the “suaveness” a thousand men can tap from. Definitely fits the profile for a perfect secret agent in the James Bond movie but it seems Anthony Horowitz is using the words “too street” to indirectly suggest that a “black man” can’t and shouldn’t play the character of James Bond and while we are going to resist the temptation of calling him a racist the term myopic can’t be excused here.

If a writer of his class mind can’t be imaginative enough to accommodate an actor of Idris elba’s class in the role of bond then there is definitely no chance in heaven (excuse the pun) for our own “frank donga” or even “saint obi” to get close to the role of bond or even his butler.

But in spite of all this all we can do is hope and in the now famous words of the most talked about actor in the world right now “always keep smiling! It takes no energy and never hurts! Learned that from the streets.

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