I’m Not Dante’s Dad – Morris Chestnut (Video)


Morris Chestnut has cleared the air on issues surrounding him and his estranged “son” Dante Chestnut. Who took to social media to blast the actor for being a deadbeat dad.

Morris Chestnut revealed in an interview on the Breakfast club that it wasn’t entirely Dante’s fault that he is making those accusation. Because his mom has not told him the truth that he is not Dante’s biological father which a paternity test has proven

I don’t fault him for saying what he’s saying. I feel that he’s been told lies all of his life by his mother. He says that I all of a sudden up and left and got another family after ‘Boyz In The Hood’ came out, but that’s not what happened. What happened was she [his mother] put the baby on me, I tried to step up and do the right thing, we were together for the wrong reasons, we tried to make it work [but we] were together, breaking up, together, breaking up. Then all of a sudden the movie comes out and this time when we broke up instead of it being a regular break up, I’m getting hit with a paternity suit.”

This will definitely be a shocker to Dante, who still bears Morris’s last name.

Watch the interview below

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