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It’s a collection of the rich African culture, the belief of a people, the spiritual strings that bind them together, their commitment to maintaining history, and a beautiful journey through tradition with the guidance of narration of Kola Olayiwola, an High Priest of Osun in the Docu- Series, “Inside Nigerian Voodoo Shrine.
Wurafact: Osun is regarded as the spiritual home of the yorubas
Kolade Olayiwola takes us through a vast, rich, and valuable historical culture and traditions of the yoruba clan in the western part of Nigeria. In this incredible journey, we can see a different aspect of the worship of “gods” and their role in the lives of the people who believe and adhere to the gods’ rules.
Wurafact: Oduduwa is regarded as the spiritual head of the yorubas
Esu which is often termed as the devil in Nigerian urban culture is shown in a different light. The narrator tells us a different story of one of the most vilified gods in yoruba history, who is not only a messenger but also a protector and provider of goodwill.
Wurafact: the Osun-Ogun grove  recognized by UNESCO as a World Heritage site in 2005
Inside the shrine of the god Osun (‘Oshun), one is taken through series of dancing, spiritual consultation, and precious artwork as the female high priest priest attending to the worshipers of‎ the god, Osun.
High Priest, Olayiwola Wura

High Priest, Olayiwola Wura

High Priest Kolade also expresses his view on the “misconceptions” propagated by other religion in regards to the gods, and the collective responsibility of all the “gods” in furthering the goals of its people in the clip the first episode of this 5 part series.
It’s definitely an experience you would relish regardless of your race, tribe and beliefs‎.
Inside Nigerian voodoo shrine is now on Wura so do take this chance to witness an enlightening ‎piece with just one click

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