Is Hip-Hop Alive Again?

Nowadays, black conscious is returning to form in a way it never has before. Black people are actually talking about issues and making a fuss about it, and some people don’t like it.

Beyonce’s “Formation” Super Bowl performance has been perceived as prejudicial, wrong, but also heroic, courageous, real, and truthful. Kendrick Lamar has always been a conscious rapper, but he’s not the first. The others Talib Kweli, Lupe Fiasco (I LOVE THIS GUY), Mos Def, and others have come before, but it’s almost like the state of America is finally ready to listen.

It’s like we are collectively over the 50 cent (gangsta rap), Kayne West (self-glorifying ignorance with a rare sprinkle of truth), and Snoop Dogg (Sex and Weed, and more weed). We aren’t fully there because people like Fetty Wap are able to come up in the game, but we are making a choice to listen to something that means something. And that’s important.

Hip-Hop has been dead for a while. I mean there are many who have kept the life support machine going, but it’s not like it was in the beginning. It’s not about black life, cultural identity, social issues, and more. To put it simply it’s been diluted to mostly rap, preserving the art form, but none of the message.

Black Lives Matter, #DefeatTheStereotype, and other organization and causes that are seeking to change black cultural is starting to permeate the black identity. From the Beyonce to the Kendrick Lamar who are using public performances to tell a story that EVERYONE needs to hear. And I for one am happy, because as much as love the art form of rap, I can’t listen to any of the crap on the radio.

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