Is Meek Mill Headed To Prison?


The new year is not looking too bright for Nicki Minaj’s hubby, Meek Mill as he might serve some more jail time for violating his probation.

We must admit this year has not been the best year for the 28-year-old rap star since we are sure he is still getting over that spanking he received from his diss beef with Drizzy Drake.

The big question now is whether Nicki Minaj will wait for Meek if he is sent back to prison.

We should point out that one of the reason he is in court is because he left the country to perform in Canada for Minaj’s The Pinkprint Tour.

During his appearance in court to determine whether or not he violated his probation by traveling out of the country, Meek Mill’s bae most certainly had his back as she testified on his behalf.

When Meek took the stand, not only did he get emotional during his hour long plea, he also made it a point to apologize to the district attorney for calling her a “b-tch” in his song The Ride.

Like we said, not looking good Meek Mill.

Addressing the judge directly, Meek said,

“I’m not a gangsta. I’m not a criminal. I have my queen Nicki now. I’m trying to do better and feel like I can be the best rapper out there.” (whoa, slow your roll Meek)

Although sentencing is not until February, the judge was not completely won over as she ruled that Meek Mill was in technical violation of his probation, meaning he will likely serve some more jail time.

Until then, The All Eyes On Me rapper cannot leave the 5 county area around Philadelphia.

Dang Meek, now you know getting on a plane and leaving the country (not state, country!) would ring the alarm if you are already on the law’s radar.

We sure hope the Lord shows his mercy, because the judge doesn’t appear too merciful.


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