Janet Jackson Unbreakable Is Number One

1 Janet Jackson unbreakable is number one Janet new album

Janet Jackson’s  Unbreakable is number one.

The R&B legend has released her first album from her independent label, Rhythm Nation. The album has knocked off The Weeknd, Fetty Wap, and the Drake/Future mixtape to claim the top spot on the Billboard Album list.

Janet Jackson Albums

Janet’s last album Disciplines also opened at number one. It was released in 2008 and featured “Feedback” the little single that could. “Feedback” was blacklisted by radio stations, but it still managed to reach number 19 on the Hot 100.

Janet began her career managed by Joe of the famed family. She acting in the variety show, The Jacksons, and her father pushed her towards music. Initially, she wasn’t that interested. Her self-titled album didn’t do that well, but afterwards she broke away from her father’s management.

Her second album Dream Street didn’t perform well either, save one modest hit, “Don’t Stand Another Chance,” produced by her brother, Marlon. It wasn’t until her third album that Janet really broke out and became the star she is today.

After her third album, Control, which debuted at number one. Janet had five consecutive number one albums. So, let’s just say the fact that Unbreakable is number one shouldn’t come as a shock.

Unbreakable Is Number One

Unbreakable has two singles,  “No Sleep” and “Unbreakable.” Both tracks were critically acclaimed as defining the genre of R&B.

The album release will come along with a world tour. The Unbreakable World Tour was planned in tandem with the album’s composition to give a fuller and richer experience for the fans. Her next tour date is in Cali, but she has many more stops planned. 

The state of music today is somewhat fading. The fact that she outsold someone named Fetty Wap is only sad because a singer of his status shouldn’t be in contention. Of course with illegal downloading and the plethora of ways to get music, it’s unclear how many copies of Unbreakable are really out there.

Janet is still proving that even though she’s been in the game for over twenty years, she is still number one.


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