Jay Z Hits Back At Rita Ora With A Lawsuit

jay z and rita ora wura

After all the legal battles Jay Z has been facing lately, the Roc Nation boss has decided to hit back with a law suit of his own against Rita Ora.

Jay Z has filed a lawsuit against the British singer claiming that his label Roc Nation signed her in 2008 and turned into a celebrity. The lawsuit further states that the label, Roc Nation, has already expensed $2 million to market her “below par” songs and have so far, failed to recoup the amount spent.

This is in direct contrast to Rita Ora’s lawsuit against Jay Z’s Roc Nation and her demand to leave the label because she’s not getting enough buzz from the label.

Given how business savvy Jay Z is, this will probably be settled out of court. So don’t hold your breath in anticipation of legal battle.

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