Juliet Ibrahim: Light Skinned Ladies Don’t Get Fair Treatment

Juliet Ibrahim Wura

Juliet Ibrahim Wura

I’ve always been of the opinion that African men treat light skinned ladies a lot better than they do to our black skinned sisters, but popular Ghanian Actress, Juliet Ibrahim, thinks the reverse is the case.

The actress is of the opinion that African men do not treat light skinned ladies well. In an interview with Live Fm 91.9 in Ghana, the actress believes guys have insecurity issues when it comes to dating light skinned ladies as they have the wrong perception when it comes to women like her. In her own words,

Being mixed race has drawbacks in a wider context too. What people refuse to see is that when you’re mixed race you don’t have everything come easy to you. I have that issue with guys. They think you’re so pretty and attractive, you’re always going to have other guys come around you and you can never be trusted… you can never be in a serious relationship,

The actress believes that men only date light skinned ladies, in order to use them as a status symbol. But when it comes to a committed relationship or choosing a wife, they turn to the dark skinned ladies. According to her:

Men have that mentality, they just use you for a period of time to show off but when it comes to making you a wife, it’s a problem and I have a lot of mixed race friends that go through the same problem…till now.‎

When she was asked if she had gotten any favours because of her skin colour, she had this to say,

No. No, I don’t think so because of my complexion, I’ve suffered a lot. If I have a role to play, say the lead character’s parents are black, they’ll tell me because I’m mixed race, I can’t play the role, I have to play the friend of the lead character and they’ll bring a dark-skinned girl to play the same role…So the complexion doesn’t do anything different for you. I go through a lot of issues as well but I don’t let my complexion be the major thing. It’s my talent that will speak for me at the end of the day.”
‎Well, this is a “big” departure from the norm in the entertainment industry, where it seems like the light skinned ladies hold sway and some African celebrities even bleach their skin to gain the acceptance of mainstream media.

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But I’m of the opinion that if you are good at what you do, people will accept and appreciate you regardless of the colour of your skin.

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