Kanye West Is GQ’s Most Stylish Man

GQ kanyeKanye emerges GQ most stylish man for 2015.

He is eccentric, he has got a big ego, and he didn’t really release a single record in 2015, but still he did enough in the style department to win the GQ prize.

Honestly, I really didn’t see this coming especially after the public bashing Kanye West got for his “future slave gear,” after it was showcased at the New York Fashion Week. But when you’ve got the Kardashian machineries behind you, anything is possible.

For the second year in a row, Kayne West came out on top of the GQ most stylish man of the year list. Beating up and coming model, Lucky Blue, to win this year’s crown.

While I’m not Kanye West’s biggest fan, it’s hard to dispute the fact that his fashion style is a break from the norm. Which is one aspect that helps him stand out amongst the rest, even though his clothes sometimes look like rats have had their way with them.

However Kanye has the Kardashian/Jenner clan to thank for his victory as their last minute social media campaign all but sealed his victory (being part of the K-clan is not that bad after all).

The GQ chart Wura

The GQ chart

In spite of the public bashing Kanye got for his other fashion collection, his Yeezy Boost Sneakers raised his fashion profile. As the shoe line gained an almost cult-like following. The sold like hot pancakes, and they were even named Shoe of the Year!
Kanye West polled a total of 520,119 votes to oust the likes of David Beckham, Kit Harington, Jared Leto and his closest rival Lucky Blue Smith.
But, I think the idea of adopting a public voting system is a little bit off. Because at the end of the day, it’s the most popular man that will end up winning. Rather than the most “stylish” man.

So do you think Kanye would have won without the Kardashian’s backing?

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