Kardashians Slammed With $180 Million Over ‘Kardashian Beauty’ Makeup Line


The Kardashian sisters Kim, Khloe and Kourtney have been slammed with a $180 million lawsuit for not promoting their own beauty product, ‘Kardashian Beauty” on twitter.

According to TMZ the suit was filed by Hillair Capital Management who accused the sisters of refusing to promote the makeup line. In 2012, the sister reportedly teamed up with a company called Boldface for the makeup collection ‘Kardashian Kroma’, but they would later drop the ‘Kroma’ from the name because of trademark issues. Later, Bolface hit financial issues and the company was bought by Hillair Capital Management which plunged $10million into the Kardashian beauty line.

But the K-clan allegedly refused to promote the makeup line, leading to its failure in the market. TMZ adds that court said the sisters had to be the “faces of the line, and actively promote, market and support the line.”

Some of the accusations levelled on the sisters includes, breach of contract, fraud and deceit, breach of covenant of good faith and fair dealing, breach of fiduciary duty, promissory estoppel and negligent misrepresentation.

Thus in order for Hillair to recoup its investment, the company is asking for not just their $10 million back, but also for an estimated $180 million in expected returns. Because they believe the Kardashians deliberately sabotaged the makeup line.


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