Kate Gosselin Has A New Rich Man


Its been about six years since the Gosselin split, but Kate Gosselin is peddling on just fine now particularly, with a very wealthy  51-year-old businessman, Jeff Prescott.

Prescott, a divorced father of three, is the CEO and co-founder of Dreamstime, an Internet-based stockpiler and supplier of digital images for media outlets and both corporate and personal clientele.

Gosselin and Prescott has been seen cozying up together since last October.

In 2011, Kate revealed that she wanted to be,

‘a little more open-minded’ when it came to dating. “If there’s anyone out there who wants to deal with us,” she said, referring to her eight children, “that would be good.”

This past year, the reality-TV star confessed that she didn’t expect just anyone to come into her life willing to help raise her children.

She said,

 “It’s a shocking life. You can talk, talk, talk and to walk in my door and actually try that on and wear it, gosh, that’s going to have to be a brave person. I don’t know. Maybe I don’t believe that person exists.”

Perhaps Prescott can fill those brave shoes. His track record as president of the Deaf Children’s Foundation, Octagon Sports Nutrition and the Nature’s Youth Fit Kids Foundation, as well as director of Nature’s Youth, is definitely impressive.



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