(Video) Katt Williams Explains Hiw Own Side Of The Story In His Duel With The 17 Year Old Kid


Katt Williams has finally shared his own side of the confrontation that went down between him and a 17 year old kid in Gainesville.

Williams addressed the backyard brawl that went viral last week at his show at the Barclays Center in Brooklyn, New York. During his stand-up routine, where he revealed that he fought the kid to teach him a lesson about smack talking.

“I just want you to have a bloody mouth so that you can have that lesson later, that that’s what happens when you say slick shit to grown-ass men,” Williams says, “’cause maybe them niggas can’t teach you that, but a nigga that can hit you is also a nigga that can pull out a gun and blow your mothafuckin brains out. Why would you put yourself in that position just because you lost a soccer game? But clearly, you probably don’t have no father to teach you that, so bam, you can take that lesson right there. But because I’m a real nigga, I’m only gonna give you that one punch and then you can do whatever you want to do.”

Katt Williams says that Walsh was trash talking him the entire time they were playing and that the 17-year-old appeared older than his age.

“I thought the nigga was 19 the whole time ’cause the nigga was smoking a cigarette like me, nigga was tall as me, and me and him was the only people on the soccer courts that was cussing,” he says. “I was trying not to cuss because people was recording. But he was saying fuck shit. I was like, ‘Ok.’ I’m like, ‘I like this little boy. He got heart.’ He talked shit about me all game.”

Although he tried to control Katt Williams because of his recent run-ins with the law. The kid just couldn’t stop talking

“He said some slick shit and I said, ‘Aye, you know you can’t win this game, so why would you say, ‘Fuck me?'” he says. “And he said, ‘What you gonna do about it?’ I said, ‘Listen, you know I’m in trouble with the motherfucking law. You see all these people recording. But just understand if I can take your ass around this motherfucking corner, I’ll explain to you you don’t talk to grown niggas like that.'”

Williams says the fact that nobody stood up for Walsh as the confrontation got heated created more reason for the comedian to put him in his place.

“All these people in the hood, nobody’s coming, not one person in your hood is gonna step in front and go, ‘Katt, don’t knock this baby out,'” he says. “I’m looking around at all these faces and everybody looking like, ‘Knock that nigga out, Katt. That nigga’s a menace to the community.'”

Katt further revealed that he only backed down in the fight because he is “physically strong enough to take on the kid. As he once served in the US Marines

“I’m Semper Fi til I die,” he says. “Marine Corps, bitch. I passed motherfucking boot camp at 16. I don’t give a fuck what you say about nothing.”

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