Former Destiny’s Child Member Kelly Rowland Scouts America For Girl Group In Upcoming BET Series


So there is no Destiny’s Child reunion album in sight, but former group member Kelly Rowland has something else in store for fans.

The 34-year-old actress and singer has a new upcoming documentary series in the works called Chasing Destiny that is set to premiere on BET this coming April.

Rowland who became a wife and mother last year, has been focused on recording a solo album and simultaneously searching for the next possible ‘IT’ girl group.

She completed a three-city quest in New York, Atlanta and Los Angeles with veteran choreographer Frank Gatson,  (who serves as Beyoncé and Rowland’s creative director) auditioning talent in hopes of finding the next superstar girl group.

“I don’t care where they are, where they live, where they’re from, their background — I just want to make sure that I have girls in the group who are not afraid to work, who are excited about a great opportunity, who have goals and think, and breathe, and sleep music,” Rowland said in an interview last week.

Recalling her early years of fame with longtime friends and group members, Beyonce Knowles Carter, and Michelle Williams, the Grammy winner said she wants to create a girl group for this generation of music fans.

Rowland said,

“When Destiny’s Child was around I remember there was Xscape, there was SWV, there was En Vogue, there was the Cheetah Girls…There were all these different types of groups, and these different types of girls groups, and there’s just one (now) — you’re kidding me? Like, get out of here. It should definitely be more.”

Rowland said she and Gatson aren’t sure how many girls will be selected for the group, but an optimistic Gatson is certain that there are definitely stars waiting to be found,

“We have to search under every rock,” said Gaston, “There has to be another Michael Jackson out there. There has to be another Supremes.”

Rowland who is enjoying the journey of searching for talent said her “heart beats so fast” thinking about early times of Destiny’s Child.

“It takes me back to those days when we were grinding and being molded…I think this is the most beautiful moments. The fun part is getting to know these girls (and) being able to share my stories.”

Guess we’ll have to wait till April to find out what she comes up with.

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