Kendrick Lamar’s Response To President Obama Praise


Even if you haven’t receive a Grammy Award, you know your work is all that and more when President Obama gives you his personal accolades, don’t you Kendrick Lamar?

Compton-born philosophical lyricist and rapper, Kendrick Lamar has indeed made his mark this year with his thought-provoking album, To Pimp a Butterfly.

In a new interview with People, President Obama and First Lady Michelle Obama revealed their favorite music of the year.

First Lady Obama admitted that she can’t get enough of Bruno Mars’ Grammy nominated track Uptown Funk, while the President proclaimed that his favorite track of the year was Kendrick Lamar’s How Much A Dollar Cost from his album

With Lamar leading with 11 Grammy nominations this year, it is even more evident that his latest project is one for the books.

TMZ reporter recently caught up with the 28-year-old at an airport and asked the rapper what he thought about Obama’s praise.

“That’s great man,” responded a humble Lamar.

The reporter then asked K.Dot about the message of the song and what he thinks about giving to people on the street.

Kendrick said,

“Help as many people as you can, man.”

Indeed, the Grammy snubs and surprises of this year were notable, but at least Kendrick Lamar was one of the few major nominations they got right.

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