Kendrick Lamar’s Upcoming Intimate Tour


TDE rapper Kendrick Lamar is known for his busy touring schedule and countless performances, but he is yet to do a complete tour for his To Pimp a Butterfly album until now.

Kendrick announced on Instagram yesterday that he will be hitting the road for an intimate, (Yes, intimate – whatever that means) eight-city long tour very soon.

Kunta’s Groove Sessions, he calls it, as it will be a first of annual tours. The tour promises to feature music, dance, performances and more. (Sounds like a poetic night out)

In his Instagram flier, Lamar posted,

Kunta’s Groove Sessions, which he vaguely described in the comments as “8 Cities. 8 nights, 8 intimate performances.”

The acclaimed lyricist has been performing one-off festival appearances that have focused on his entire oeuvre, not solely on the progressive, jazz-filled vibe of “Butterfly.” He’s included “King Kunta” and “i” in set lists, but hasn’t offered an immersive experience with a full band.

Lamar’s band features contributions from fellow Angelenos Kamasi Washington and bassist Thundercat, both of whom have their own busy schedules.

Perhaps that’s why the highly anticipated tour for Lamar’s album has been delayed for so long. However, it now looks like the anticipation of fans will finally be resolved by this intimate eight-city tour coming up.

Though we know that the tour will commence in the near future, there is yet to be a full list of dates and locations for the tour.

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