Kenya Threatens Netflix With A Ban, Says Its Content Is A Threat To National Security


Kenya threatens Netflix with a ban!

In just about two weeks after Netflix went global, it’s operation in Kenya is being threatened by the Kenya Film Classification Board (KFCB). The board has announced that its content could be blocked because it erodes “moral values and threaten national security.”

According to the board’s chairman, Jackson Kosgei, Netflix allows movies with extreme violence, inappropriate language use, nudity, and drug abuse that are inappropriate for youth.

He revealed in a press conference that a number of movie trailers sampled by Kenya regulatory board, with ratings suitability label for 13-year-olds. These movies haveĀ been found to contain elements that has the potential to promote irresponsible sexual behaviour, drug abuse, terrorism, and radicalization among youths.

Personally I find this a little bit awkward because I’m quite aware of the fact that Netflix has parental control functions. And I really don’t understand how the movie streaming site has now become a tool to spread terrorism.

What the board should and must do is to partner with Netflix so as to promote and enhance control over its content. Because trying to block it’s entire service might just turn out to be counter-productive.

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