Kenyan Muslims Shield Christians During Terrorist Attack


This is the probably the best religious based news I’ve heard in a while: a group of Kenyan Muslims traveling on a bus ambushed by Islamist gunmen stood up for the Christian passengers by refusing to be split into groups. This happened during an attack by Islamic sect, Al Shabab members, on a bus that was traveling from the capital Nairobi to the town of Mandera earlier today.
This comes at a time when the whole world is drawn to the Isis and Islamic extremist crisis that is plaguing every region in the world.
The militants reportedly ambushed the bus, asked all the passengers to come down, then they asked the Muslims among them to return into the bus while the Christians should stay back.
Kenyan media reports that the Muslim passengers refused to be separated, telling the militants “to kill them together or leave them alone.” “The locals showed a sense of patriotism and belonging to each other. The militants decided to leave after the passenger’s show of unity,” Mandera governor Ali Roba told Kenya’s private Daily Nation newspaper. But two people lost their lives during the ambush.

This is just one of the few attacks that have been carried out by the terrorist group, Al Shabaab in Kenya’s north-east.

The significance of this incident, cannot be over emphasized. This is because politicians and terrorists have often used religion as a divisive tool to pitch people against each other in order achieve their selfish aims.
Thats why people like Donald Trump can rise up the polls with careless and inciting statements. And now I’m beginning to believe the statement by Karl Marx who posited that, “Religion is the opium of the masses.”

If we don’t let allow these heartless terrorist pitch us against each other, then their power will be greatly diminished. Because when you start treating someone differently because of their religious preference, Then they will start feeling alienated and will turn to the “people” who will make them feel like they belong.
Sticking together might not end terrorism but it’s a great way to start.


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