Khloe Kardashian By Lamar Odom’s Side During Struggle To Recovery



Khloe Kardashian remains by Lamar Odom’s side as he struggles to recovery.

The NBA champion who regained consciousness last Friday, was transported via helicopter from Sunrise Hospital in Las Vegas to Cedars-Sinai Hospital in L.A., on Monday with his estranged wife by his side.

Odom, who previously played for the Miami Heat, Dallas Mavericks and Los Angeles Clippers, has been visited by several former teammates including Kobe Bryant and Clippers stars Blake Griffin, DeAndre Jordan and Chris Paul.

“He probably has no idea we were there, but just to be there and to see him…hopefully he knows there’s a lot of guys that love him and want to see him do better and want to see him get better,” said Griffin to the LA Times.

Khloe Kardashian has indeed shown her unwavering love.

The 31-year-old reality star is reported to be the only one who has kept vigil by Odom’s bedside since last Tuesday.

“Most people have been waiting in a waiting room outside the room and will go in one at a time,” said a close source. “Khloe has really been the only one in the room 24/7, sleeping by his bedside and keeping vigil.”

She had also arranged for the transportation of Odom’s loved father, Joe Odom, his children, Destiny Odom and Lamar Odom Jr., their mother, Liza Morales, and his aunt JaNean Mercer to all fly to Las Vegas where Odom was being treated.

Odom’s marriage to Kardashian catapulted him from the sports world into the pop culture after their 2009 wedding was featured on Keeping Up With the Kardashians.

Although they both signed divorce papers in July, we now know that the couple are still legally married due to a file backlog. So unless a judge signs off on the papers, they are still hitched.

This discovery made Khloe Kardashian responsible for medical decisions pertaining to her sick husband, which she has stepped up to without hesitation.

Khloe has been making the decisions and it has been very hard on her,” the insider told Us.

Other sources have stated, 

“You can tell it’s taking a toll on Khloé, but she is staying strong for Lamar…She goes everywhere with him. If Lamar leaves the room for testing, she follows.”

Even Kardashian’s ex, rapper French Montana spoke highly of the star saying,

It’s a beautiful thing what she’s doing,” the rapper, 30, told the New York Daily News. ” I feel like every woman should do that.”

“I feel like once somebody’s going through a critical condition, I feel like people should step up to the plate to help,” added the 30-year-old rapper. “Once upon a time they had a real relationship when they was married, they still married.”

Kardashian and Montana dated on and off from April 2014 through the end of the year.

The reality star is also said to have put her relationship current boyfriend, James Harden, on hold as she tends to Odom’s full recovery.

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