Kurents Is Lying, Kanye’s Camp Responds To Model’s Claim About NOT Getting Paid

KanyeeKanye West’s camp has responded to the claim by the model, who vented on instagram¬†they weren’t paid, fed and dressed for the Yeezy 3 launch.

A rep for Kanye reached out to TMZ to “set the records straight” stating that every employed hand was well taken care of. According to the rep all models were dressed in Yeezy Season 3 gear, but “because of the large number of participants,” Some extras wore vintage clothing that had been dyed for the production.

Kanye’s camp further stated that everyone involved in the show had to sign a very strict Non Disclosure Agreement, so it’s a little fishy the “kurents” guy is so chatty.

So who do you think is lying? Kanye or Kurents?

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