Lady Leshurr Brush Your Teeth


Lady Leshurr Brush Your Teeth

Internet Sensation Lady Leshurr blew up after her new single and music video “Brush Your Teeth” was released on youtube.

The rapper who’s sounds like Azealia Banks without the ratchet-ness or foul mouth literally goes hard in the paint.

The song title is not a euphemism for anything. It is actually reminding girls to brush their teeth because nobody likes stank breath.




The Lady Leshurr Brush Your Teeth video has been shared millions of times.

It’s a relief to see a talented rapper spit about something that doesn’t have to do with ignorance. Haven’t we heard enough about getting laid, getting high, and getting drunk? I for one think so.

The UK rapper has got tons of other hits where the rhymes and flow is just as fresh and goes just as hard.

This song has been stuck in my head since I first heard it and it’s not just the accent.

Best line: “I got a dark skinned friend look like Rachel Dolezal/ I got a light skinned friend look like Rachel Dolezal”

She has a fanpage which has blown up since Lady Leshurr Brush Your Teeth. 


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