Lebron Sends Fan To The Hospital

Lebron Fan Hospital


Lebron sent golfer, Jason Day’s, wife to the hospital while diving for a lose ball. Ellie Day was sent to the hospital in a brace on a stretcher after her collision with the 250 pound NBA champion. Some times buying court side seats definitely aren’t worth it.

Day is a huge Cavs fan, after the incident occurred she said, “He was just doing his job. Go Cavs.” That’s called being a fan. But, the incident was indeed an accident, and play was stopped in OKC to tend to Day’s injuries.

Lebron noted that the incident is rare, “I mean, that doesn’t happen much. It’s unfortunate it happened tonight, but that doesn’t happen much.” Coincidentally, James has had a lot of close calls though. According to ESPN, he stopped himself from running into a pregnant woman last May during the finals. I feel though as a fan you have to acknowledge some of the consequences of being up close and personal with your sport.

Day was released from the hospital early Friday morning, and seems to be doing well. Lebron reported that she squeezed his hand while he went to check in on her. I guess if you want to garner some private time with your favorite sports star let them injure you. Somehow I don’t think that was Ellie’s intention though.

Ellie’s husband, Jason Day, is noted for wining the PGA Championship in August. I think her experiences watching golf and basketball might prove different. The couple recently had their second child in November.

Lebron tweeted a message to Ellie following the events of the game:


As far as fan injuries go, only one so far has proven to be fatal. A 13-year old girl died after being hit with a puck at a Blue Jackets game. The event led the NHL to develop safer protection for fans.

Watch the Lebron fan hospital collision below:


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