Light-skinned Actors Get More Roles Than “Black-skinned” Actors – Mildred Okwo


Nigerian movie producer and director, Mildred Okwo, thinks light-skinned actor get more roles than black actors in Nollywood.

If you think the whole #teamdarkskin and #teamlightskin argument only exist in Hollywood, then think again as popular Nollywood movie director, Mildred Okwo, has revealed in a series of tweets that light-skinned actors get more roles than their dark skinned counterparts.

Mildred Okwo produced and directed the hit comedy movie, The Meeting and probably said what everyone has been thinking, but have been too afraid to say. She revealed a rather intriguing “truth” about the fact that light-skinned actors have an edge of their dark-skinned counterparts in an industry that is supposed to project Africa as a whole.

It’s pretty hard to dispel what Mildred Okwo mentioned earlier today, because she’s an authority in the Nigeria movie industry. Furthermore, the fact that some actors bleach their skins just to get ahead in the industry, shows how “shallow” some producers can be.

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However, I don’t think the whole team light-skinned and dark-skinned argument affects the love Nigerians and Africa has for local content. Because if you are light-skinned and your acting skills are nothing to write home about, you will fade away faster than when you got into the industry.

Actors like Majid Michel, Ramsey Nouah, and Genevieve Nnaji have also shown that their acting skills is not tied to their skin colour in anyway.

So while Mildred Okwo really made a valid point, I think the focus should be on the level and standard of acting rather than the colour of one’s skin.

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