Makinde Adeagbo brings support for Black engineers

Makinde Adeagbo dev color founder black engineers STEM Wura TV

Makinde Adeagbo says Black Engineers and more of them! This is the key message being promoted by the Nigerian engineer.

STEM Careers (that is Science, Technology, Engineering, and Math) are on the forefront of education right now.  Many companies are pushing for STEM programs and resources in schools. This includes games, activities, and others. Resources come from PBS and Tech Rocket and companies including Microsoft, Sony, and Samsung.

Makinde Adeagbo says he is one of the few black men to work in Silicon Valley. Adeagbo is an engineer for Pinterest.

A mere 1% is the number of black engineers at Google and the same goes for Facebook. So, Adeagbo started the non-profit “/dev/color.” The name is a play on coding terminology. It also supports his goal of adding some color in the computer development field.

The organization is joining forces with Black Girls Code, Code 2040, and others to address the meager numbers of people of color in the technology field.

“Other black software engineers need to provide this for the black engineers coming behind them,” says Adeagbo. “We all need to work together to pull ourselves up and make sure we are accomplishing all that we can.”

Learn more about devcolor at and promote engineering careers for black kids everywhere.


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