Unbe-WEAVE-able crime: Man Kills People Over Brazilian Weave

Brazillian Weave Murder

First of all, if you are killing someone over hair, it better be for Indian hair. I’m jk. This is absolute madness though, no one should die over hair.

The crime occurred in Memphis, TN and is the second of deadly hair related crimes in the last two months. Like, there could be a hair serial killer.

Two men broke into Essentials Beauty Supply, demanded hair from the employee (because apparently the good stuff is kept behind the counter, locked up), and proceeded to shoot and kill the employee.

The previous hair related crime happened in an apartment complex, and three individuals lost their life. This is a sad, sad world we are living in. Nothing should be a motivation for murder (NOTHING, although I can understand people’s thought process when their child is abused or something…).

But, killing someone over some weave? Some Brazillian weave… smh, that’s just terrible. Prayers go out to the families of those who lost people, and also to the people committing these crimes, so they will turn themselves in.

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