Martin Schkreli Offers Kanye West $10 Million For T.L.O.P Album


rsz_martinOne of the “greatest album of all time”, The Life Of Pablo” might not see the light of day because millionaire Martin Schkreli has offered Kanye West $10 million to own the album “exclusively”.

Martin Schkreli gained considerable fame when he purchased Wutang’s clan album, Once Upon A Time In Shaolin. And it seems he wants to gain more fame and piss everyone (except me btw) off by coping the most anticipated album of the year. Following Kanye West’s album listening party, Martin Schkreli made his offer;

Personally I don’t want this deal to go through not because I love Kanye so much. But I want to listen to it and debunk his claim that this is the greatest album of all time. How about you?

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