Master P Says Staying Alive Through Poverty To See Age 19 Was The Goal

master p

Self-made music mogul, Percy Robert Miller AKA Master P, says that growing up through poverty, the first goal was not making millions to get out of a toxic and dangerous place, but to stay alive till to see age 19.

It has definitely been a while since we heard from the renowned producer and rapper, but leave it to Oprah to bring him back to our memory.

The 48-year-old rapper spoke earnestly on his survival in an open interview with Oprah on OWN’S Where Are They Now? on Saturday’s episode, opening up about his rise, his music and his family.

Before the passion for music and the hard work that would make him the showbiz powerhouse he is today, P. Miller lived and grew up in a poverty-stricken and crime-invested New Orleans neighborhood.

Recalling the struggle, he says,

“At the time, New Orleans was the murder capital of the world, and I lived in one of the most dangerous projects in America… I didn’t have much, But I made the best out of what I had.”

When you live in the ghetto, when you grow up in struggle and poverty, you don’t know how long you’re going to live,” Master P says. “My goal was to live to be 19. It’s sad, but it’s a harsh reality.”

Undoubtedly, his childhood and youth hardened the rapper and father of two, but the desperation to stay alive kept him determined enough to work what he had – music.

Master P adds that there was indeed a dark shadow of uncertainty that plagued those in the community. So he took it upon himself to push himself and do things like it hadn’t been done before.

I always knew one day that I was going to make it out if I worked hard,” he says.

I said I got to work hard. I want to be able to buy my grandmother a house, I want to be able to buy my mom a house, my dad… But I had to do something. I had to do something with my life.”

“If I believe in this music, I got to go hard,” he says. “I got to do something that nobody’s done.”

And he did just that.

Master P not only released his first album by age 24, he also started his own record label, which was a great feat for someone who wasn’t sure he’d live to see age 19.

He has since become the CEO of his own business empire and has sold millions of records worldwide, being dubbed the godfather of modern hip hop.

He has since generated a net worth estimated around $350 million, marking him as one of the richest rappers in the world! (He sure came a long way)

Speaking on his hard-earned empire, the New Orleans native just announced his forthcoming Empire album, which is scheduled to be released November 28.



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