McDonald’s Adding Upscale Burger To Be Served On Wooden Surface


From upscale revamping of McDonald’s locations to the revamping of menu options, McDonald’s is at it again with a new premium offer.

Premium Angus Third Pounders were pulled from McDonald’s U.S. menu in 2013 because the pricey items ($4 – $5) couldn’t compete with the Dollar Menu.

Now introducing yet another premium sirloin burger!

These new sirloin burgers (also 1/3 pounds) which will again be priced around 5 bucks, come with bacon, mushrooms, or classic lettuce-and-tomato toppings, and will be served on a wooden surface similar to a cutting board. (fancy huh?) This aims to signify freshness, which is an attribute McDonald’s image has been lacking lately.

John Gordon, principal at Pacific Management Consulting Group, stated,

“They are trying this again because a decent burger place has to have a premium burger…Consumers are more sophisticated and expect better… plus the company needs pricier products to boost profitability.”

Since trendier food chains such as Shake Shack Inc. and even Chipotle are attracting former McDonald’s customers for reasons such as healthier options, less wait time, or better quality, so it seems McDonald’s is trying again to stay strong in its competition.




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