Meet The 13-Year-Old Nigerian Who Has Interviewed 19 World Leaders

zuriell-480x360At the tender age of 13, Zuriel Oduwole, is making Africa proud on the world stage as she has taken on projects that show the positive side of Africa and has interviewed well over 19 world leaders.

Zuriel Oduwole caught the attention of the media when she became the youngest person ever to be featured in Forbes magazine and also made the magazine’s top 100 most influential people while also making the list as one as one of the 100 most influential people in Africa by New African Magazine.zuzu-696x522

Zuriel Oduwole has received worldwide acclaim for producing documentaries that project the continent of Africa in a positive light.  And literaaly taught herself everything that she knows about film-making using online editing and voice software. She has said  “As I edit, produce, set up and write the scripts for my documentaries, I have to learn a lot of things.

In October 2013, Oduwole was bestowed with an honorary ambassador title in Tanzania by Salma Kikwete, and a computer lab in one of the country’s schools was named after her. And over the weekend she added Nigerian president Buhari to her list of special guest in an interview in Washington DC.

”Meeting President Buhari of Nigeria. So when the world calls a country Giant of Africa, it could mean many things. I started my day today with a Giant Breakfast at the Mandarin Hotel in Washington DC. The Hotel paid for everything – I guess because the LORD is the real owner. Thank you Jesus. I read some news to know all thats going on, before my meeting with President Muhammadu Buhari. I talked to him about Education, I asked him about the success of the fight against corruption, what he wanted his legacy to be after he leaves office, how he sees Nigeria. He was very pleased to see me and he said some funny things too. Being President of any country is Hard. I know because I have now spoken to 19 world leaders and they all say the same thing about this. LORD, Give me wisdom to make good decisions every time.”

The sky is definitely her starting point.

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