Mercy Aigbe Hits Back At Social Media Troll

Mercy Aigbe

Nigerian actress, Mercy Aigbe, got into a nasty instagram fight with a follower after the follower made a derogatory statement on Aigbe’s picture of Aigbe and her daughter.

Do you think there will ever be a day when a couple of celebs will not get into a fight with a fan or troll on social media? Well, if that day will ever come, it’s definitely not soon. Mercy Aigbe was next in the line of celebrities that got involved in a social media battle.

The problem all started when Mercy Aigbe, posted a picture of herself with her daughter, Michelle. She then asked her fans to comment on who looked better in the picture.

While she got loads of good feedbacks, one follower decided to ruin the day for the actress with a nasty comment that certainly brought out the beast in her.

Mercy Aigbe threw caution to the wind (and understandably too) and exchanged insults with the troll and other followers who made similar statements on the post.
The follower with the handle, Diamondbee12 said

“I bet you, your little one is having an s3x in her tender age. Please next post should be comparing the number of sexual partners you either have had or shared so people can comment.”

Which is just totally nasty especially when you are commenting on someone’s child, celebrity or not.

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This comment understandably got the actress angry and she told the fan to “feel free to go jump into the lagoon.”

The “fan” further lambasted Mercy Aigbe saying
“Your job as a mother is to protect her and not expose her to the filthy world. The fact you post stupid things I have the right to comment good or bad, deal with it mate.”

But the actress quickly responded describing the fan as an “attention seeker, coward and a fool.” I think name calling is within Aigbe’s right in this case.

Seriously, I really don’t get why people can be so nasty when they are behind a keyboard. If the picture was nasty maybe the comment would have been understandable, so I think she (or might just be a he) was just looking for attention and Mercy Aigbe fell for it.


The picture started all the drama

The picture started all the drama


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