Michelle Obama Rapper #FLOTUSbars

Michelle Obama Rap #Flotusbars

Michelle Obama Rapper is now on the scene. Move over Ben Carson!

FLOTUS spits some bars on a recent published video posted on College Humor.

The video is all about the importance of going to college. The video boasts a chorus and a mini-verse that features major #FLOTUSbars

The First Lady is well known for initiatives that include healthy eating, rights for women and young girls, and education. Earlier this year, Michelle Obama started #LetGirlsLearn to support education in countries that didn’t allow studies for women.

I love Michelle Obama. She will probably go down for me and maybe others as the best First Lady of our generation (no offense Hilary). She is extremely active and has her own causes which are more heavily documented that even POTUS himself some times.

Her Lets Move campaign as seen partnerships with even Beyonce. It’s only the real First Lady and the First Lady of hip-hop tag team.

Her latest endeavor with this video is wildly entertaining although I’m sure people will have different views. I still am an advocate for college. When I came out was I prepared to go into my dream job? No. But, I did gain the skillset and the ability to learn efficiently, quickly and the critical thinking skills to tackle any issues that came my way. (I was an English Major) At this point, I can say (partly because of college) I am capable to learn any new skill that I desire, and in a timely manner to where I could put it on my resume after about a month.

Twitter is loving the rap and is adding it’s own comments under the hashtag #FlotusBars


You can watch the video at collegehumor.com For now, all I can say is FLOTUS on the track! #FLOTUSbars


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