Michelle Obama Won’t Run For President

A sad day has befallen us all.

President Obama resoundingly confirmed that First Lady, Michelle Obama, will never run for President.

I am a HUGE fan of the First Lady, as are many other Americans. I know that if she ran, she would have an excellent chance.

Obama said, “There are three things that are certain in life: Death, taxes and Michelle is not running for president.”

It’s sad, just sad. Michelle Obama looked amazing at the State of Union address, and she keeps busy with her initiative for healthy eating, exercise, women’s education, college education, military families, and more.

See all of Michelle’s State of Union dresses below:


From 2009 and 2010

Michelle Obama state of union outfits


2011 and 2012

michelle obama won't run for president


2013, 2014, 2015

michelle obama state of union dresses wura



Michelle Obama State of Union



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