Missy Elliot Does The Nigerian Shoki Dance

missy Elliot

Rapper, Missy Elliot, gives a shout out to Nigeria after it is revealed that she did the Shoki dance in her new comeback video, “WTF.”

Nigeria’s entertainment industry is definitely “killing” it right now on the intentional stage. This time it’s not just it’s entertainers that are getting the world’s attention. An indigenous dance step, Shoki,  got the attention of Missy Elliot and was featured on her groundbreaking comeback video titled, “WTF.”

Missy Elliot Is Back With The New Single WTF

The Shoki dance step in the video first caught my attention 4 days ago when I watched “WTF.”  I figured it was just a similar dance move until Missy Elliot acknowledged the dance move and gave Nigeria a shout out on her twitter page last night.

It’s quite amazing that Shoki which is a relatively local dance is getting the world’s attention. This is even more important because it shows that the world is watching Nigeria and the whole of Africa closely. And not just for the negative things coming out of the continent, but also the positives moves that its citizens are making.

So if you’ve not checked out the Top African dance moves then go do that as soon as possible so you don’t miss out on the cultural trends coming out of Nigeria and the continent of Africa.

See Missy doing the “shoki” at 2:30 mark

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