NBA Star Iman Shumpert Emotional Baby Delivery At His Home

Iman Shumpert

In what he calls, “an assist that I’m never going to forget,” Cleveland Cavaliers guard, Iman Shumpert achieved a great feat we don’t see everyday – helping to deliver a baby in the bathroom with the help of 911 over the phone!

The 25-year-old NBA player was a ball of emotion in an interview a few days after he and his fiancee, Teyana Taylor, welcomed their newborn daughter on Wednesday.

Taylor, also 25, who went into unexpected early delivery recalls that her star ball player hubby was not so calm when she went into labor in their home before he dialed 911 for help.

Before his emotional moment during the interview, the new father recalled the urgency of the situation, stating,

She’s telling me, “I’m not going to make it to the hospital,..” But I’m like, “You got to make it to the hospital because I don’t know what’s going on. I don’t know what to do.”

Looks like he figured it out because the first pair of eyes baby Junie saw when she entered the world was that of her proud father.

“It was like finishing a long marathon,” he said, beginning to cry.

Shumpert told ABC News that although he panicked before making the call, he could not contain his joy when his daughter was born.

During the 911 call, an audibly emotional Shumpert told the operator,

“I have my daughter in my hands.”

The operator congratulated him saying,

“You got yourself a Christmas baby.”

Santa was clearly not needed to deliver this special gift.

Shumpert added that his daughter, Junie was

“the best Christmas present I’ve ever gotten.”

The father-and-daughter appear to be closely bonding, according to a post on Taylor’s Instagram showing Shumpert singing to their newborn.

Now Iman Shumpert can certainly add ‘ help delivered baby,’ to his wall of achievements!

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