New Years Eve Traditions

Resolution are the first things people associate with the New Year. But before you get into promise of things you should do, but won’t. Enjoy New Years Eve doing things you shouldn’t, but will. Everyone celebrates the holiday different, some people don’t celebrate it at all. But, regardless of how you Rockin’ the New Year there are five things everyone has to do  at least once to give a farewell to the year.


The First: Dick Clark’s Rockin’ New Years Eve

New Years Eve Dick Clark

Sadly Clark passed away a few years ago, so some of the youngins’ will never get to experience the original show, but it’s still running. The producers decided to not even change the name following Clark’s passing because of the impact he had on the event. This is a very low key way to bring in the New Year, unless you are actually at the event. But, for those of us that are homebodies, it’s a good way to celebrate and you can wear pajamas. That’s a win-win.

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