How To Make New Years Resolutions Work

New Years Resolution Tricks

New Years Resolutions come and go for all of us. It’s why I hate that Zumba classes are jam packed in January and February, but in March there is space for tumbleweeds to roll through. There is nothing wrong with setting resolutions, I’ve done them myself although they usually never tie into the calendar year. So, here’s a tip so that your good intentions actually come to pass.

When it comes to the gym or eating healthy or drastically changing anything, it’s hard to turn everything around cold turkey. Just like it’s difficult to quit smoking in a day (although it can be done), making a radically change just because the ball dropped will be extremely hard to live up to. The first thing I suggest if thinking about your actually goal, and make your resolution like 5 times smaller than that.

7 Secrets of People Who Keep Resolutions

If you want to lose 50 pounds, make your resolution 10. If you want to spend more time with your spouse everyday, plan a monthly date night instead. Yes, it is smaller than your original goal, but that’s what makes it more likely to happen. I’ve talked to many people who wanted to lose 50, but gained 15. If you make the resolutions more attainable, then you might actually attain them.

Make it a group thing. Everything is easier with support. That’s why company’s have employees, gyms have group work-outs, and most tables are made to accommodate more than one person. Get one, two, three (the more the merrier) people to join in on one goal. Hold each other accountable, and you might see some real headway come to pass.

If you break it, it’s not over. If you aren’t supposed to eat chocolate, and someone sends you a box for Valentine’s (congrats on making it all the way to Feb.) and you eat, don’t give up. Just because you made a mistake doesn’t mean you quit. We are all human, so mistakes happen. Don’t let one slip-up keeping you from making a difference. If you only eat chocolate 10 times a year, that’s amazing. So look at it that way instead of breaking a resolution 10 times.

Lastly, make your New Years resolutions something you really want. It can’t be because your spouse, your parent, your friend, or even your doctor said do this. You have to actually want whatever it is, so much so that even if you fail you will keep trying. So whatever is the most important thing, make that your focal point, and maybe you will have chance.



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